Paul Raftery and Dan Lowe’s latest video takes an unexpected look inside one of Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpieces in the City of London – the glorious St Stephen Walbrook church.

At four and a half minutes, it is a longer, meditative piece filmed in black and white. This style suits a contemplative study of Wren’s beautiful church. It is a unique exploration of space given the architect’s inventive combination of “four floor plans in one: a domed space, a nave and aisles, an even array of columns around a central hall and a Greek cross all at once.” [Nairn’s London, Ian Nairn.]

Building | St Stephens Walbrook, London

Architect | Christopher Wren

Filmmakers | Raftery + Lowe

Editor | Raftery + Lowe

Music | George McLeod

Motion Control | Justin Pentecost